Brentwood Dental Care 5star Review
Adriano P.
Los Angeles, CA

I immediately have to address the upset reviewer regarding the toothbrush sale. One can always see two sides to someone’s intentions. The world is full of pushy salesman who are trying to make a buck, and it is blessed with many people who care. It is up to us to decide how we see them. Let me put this case into perspective: he was pushing a toothbrush on you. How profitable might that be…..? Now, please understand this. Periodontal disease has been identified as the root of 70% of cardiac disease and many others. Periodontal disease also leads to bone loss and eventual tooth loss. Dr Weisberg is right on the mark with his approach to removing plaque buildup and particle buildup in the gum pocket. His technique was the first time I ever heard of it and it makes perfect sense. It is the only way a non dentist can actually reduce chance of periodontal pocket deepening. The long, soft bristles cut at the angle he chooses, actually slide into the gingival pocket and dislodge debris, preventing buildup that can lead to calculus that may require surgery. He pushes hard for prevention. So, that cheap toothbrush prevents problems and expensive, painful surgery. There is no money in prevention, he can make lots of money on the eventual surgery, but chooses the ethical path.
I work with many dentists for my profession in the dental business. I have never written a review for any dentist until now.
Dr. Weisberg is an extremely caring person and dentist. All of our business dealings have been focused on providing the latest and best care for his patients. That is what he cares about. He has spent a very large sum of money to provide the best for his patients. He now has the best and safest 3D cone beam for unparalleled visibility and diagnosis. He also has the latest laser that can painlessly remove cavities without needle or drill. This same laser also allows for the very best, minimally invasive periodontal care. He believes in minimally invasive dentistry for patient benefit and has invested heavily to be a remarkable dentist. Make an effort to go in for a consultation and you will meet a caring dentist with more experience than most dentists in practice.


Brentwood Dental Care 5star Review
G D.
Gardena, CA

Excellent accommodating caring thorough . Overall highly recommend dr weisberg.


Brentwood Dental Care 5star Review
Eric C.
Santa Monica, CA

I’ve been going to Dr. W. for 20+ yrs and he is the best in the biz. If you don’t like what you hear from “W”….then you probably don’t like the truth. Dr. W. doesn’t sugar coat anything and if you can appreciate an honest straight-up-approach regarding what’s best for you and what you need to do to have the healthiest mouth today and tomorrow, then you’ll love Dr. W.


Brentwood Dental Care 5star Review
Barry H.
Los Angeles, CA

Excellent, thorough professional dentist and staff. Dr. Weisberg is the fourth dentist we have been to and none of the other dentists compare in the thoroughness and quality of service provided by Dr. Weisberg. Since we started going to Dr. Weisberg he has helped our family with everything from cavity fillings, chipped tooth repair, mouth cancer screening, to teeth whitening and great tips on oral hygiene. I strongly recommend Dr. Weisberg for your dental care needs.


Brentwood Dental Care 5star Review
amy h.
Van Nuys, CA

Dr. Weisberg is the best dentist EVER! He has been our family dentist for 35+ years and has treated my family with the utmost respect. He always finds time to fit me in when I have a dental “emergency” and handles my mouth with kid gloves. In addition to twice yearly cleanings, I have had several dental needs through the years (bridge, chipped tooth, etc). I have always been very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Stephen Weisberg to anyone looking for a warm, caring and superb dentist!


Brentwood Dental Care 5star Review
Suz T.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Weisberg is hands-down the best dentist I’ve encountered. Professional, caring, the latest equipment, and truly concerned about the welfare of your health. His approach is holistic; he teaches you to care for your teeth and gums so that further dental work isn’t necessary. I was dental phobic, but honestly am getting past that thanks to the treatment by Dr. Weisberg and his staff. Dr. Weisberg’s expertise saved two of my teeth that two other dentists said were goners. What more could one ask for? Highly recommended!


Brentwood Dental Care 5star Review
su s.
Los Angeles, CA

I saw Dr. Weisberg about a month ago because I snore. I was afraid to sleep with other people bacause I was very loud and I woke other people up. I asked my daughter if she knows any Dr. can stop my snoring problem, and she refered me to Dr. Weisberg. He made me an appliance that stopped my snore. I am not afrid to go camping or travel with other people anymore. Dr. Weisberg helped me!!! He is an owesome dentist and very knowledgeable Dr. I ever had.


Brentwood Dental Care 5star Review
L.O. G.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Weisberg is a wonderful dentist. He is efficient and patient. I am lucky to have him as my dentist and recommend him to other patients.
L.O. Gowani Ph.D.


Brentwood Dental Care 5star Review
Irwin M.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Weisberg has been my dentist for thirty years. He is kind, considerate and cares about his patient’s well-being. If he recommends something, it’ s for the patient’s benefit. You don’t want it? Don’t buy or use it.
Whoever complained about him must have a mouth full of rotten teeth caused by her own neglect and needs to blame someone else for her problems. I enthusiastically recommend Dr Weisberg and friends I’ve referred to him agree he’s the best.


Brentwood Dental Care 5star Review
Anthony T.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Weisberg is the best dentist I’ve ever had. The quality of his work is excellent and he is fully aware of his patient’s needs, even scared ones like me, He’s patient with his patients and teaches a kind of holistic oral care that most dentists never even think of.
My wife appreciates him as much as I do. His work is as painless as dentistry can be. If you live near him, go see him :)


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