1976: ‘Panelipse’ panoramic extra-oral X-rays – Full mouth scan at reduced radiation.

2000: IntraOral Camera-before/after cosmetic imaging. See problems 30x larger.

2000: Digital X-rays – reduced radiation 50%. Learn More

2000: ‘WaterLase’ Laser – minimalistic restorative care and superior bond strength. Learn More

2000: Diagnodent’ – laser decay finder-finds it early, minimal tooth structure loss. Learn More

2006: ‘VelScope’ – oral cancer detection-find it before it surfaces. Learn More

2013: ‘iPlus Laser’ – Ferrari of lasers – all treatments including laser surgery, root canals, fillings, removing decay, no novocaine fillings and periodontics are improved with the new “iPlus” Laser. Learn More

2013: ‘NewTom VGi’ – CT head scanning, 95% lower radiation than medical CTS. Exact replacement of implants with 3D guides. Learn More

2013: ’6 Month Smiles’ – cosmetic adult “tooth colored braces.” We create beautiful smiles between checkups. Learn More

2013: ‘Epic’ Diode Laser – newest soft tissue laser – treats cold sores, canker sores and gum problems (laser cleanings). Learn More

2014: iLase Diode Lasers - The iLase™ is the ideal tool for performing a comprehensive set of 24 soft-tissue and hygiene procedures. Learn More