Six Month Smiles

Dr. Weisberg has completed training for 6 month smiles. This fast and attractive straightening of crooked teeth is less expensive and less invasive than “Invisalign”. In 6-9 months (depending on severity), beautiful lasting results can be realized. Please see before and after case examples.

Before and After Pictures




Case #1: 68 year old professional who was told that he was too old to straighten his crooked smile, He had this new smile in 7 months.




Case #2: 62 year old father and husband who had all of his 5 children's teeth straightened and wanted to retire with a beautiful smile.



Case #3: 40- year old "Leader of the Orchestra" who was given one gigantic tooth and one normal tooth and too many on the bottom.In 5 1/2 months he is one happy guy.



Case #4: 48 year old Professional with grown children, wanted teeth as straight as the orthodontists made his children's teeth in 3-4 years, but only in 6-7 months.