One Hour Whitening

In Office Laser Bleaching Procedure

One visit
By Dr. Weisberg and staff
Fast whitening


Before After

Discoloration may be the result of genetics, medication, poor oral hygiene, aging, smoking, and certain foods.

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The one hour laser procedure in sequence

Using a color chart the current shade is determined


Your teeth will be cleaned and polished to allow maximum contact with the whitening gel, which will help achieving uniform whitening.


Protective dam is applied to the gums to prevent contact with the whitening gel.


Using a light the protective dam is cured. The process of applying the protective dam and curing it is repeated until the gums are fully protected.


After the protective dam is placed and cured a fresh mix of special peroxide gel is placed on the polished teeth and activated with the “Epic” diode laser for the perscribed time.


After the prescribed time the fresh gel is replaced a second time and then activated with the laser.


Next the mouth is rinsed to remove any residue of the protective dam and whitening gel. The teeth are coated with desensitizer cream.


Finally the patient is given a mirror to enjoy her new smile.


Using a color chart the final shade is determined.

You leave with a custom tray filled with desensitizer and at home bleach for follow up lightening.

The total process takes approximately one hour to complete before and after photos are taken.