NTI-tss Tension Suppression System

No Pills, No surgery, No side effects 

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Frequent migraine pain?

Chronic headaches?

Sore, stiff jaw?

When you wake up, do you feel tired, fatigued, uncomfortable?

Migraine pain may be caused or intensified by the muscles under your scalp. It starts as a sleep disorder of intense jaw clenching.

Try this!

Place your fingers on your head where highlighted in the illustration below and firmly clench your jaws. Can you feel 

the huge temporal jaw muscles bulging under your fingertips? It’s those muscles that trigger most important migraine pain.

The mystery of migraine pain

A. Headache – the temporalis muscle (it closes and clenches the jaw)
B. Sinus pressure and pain – the lateral pterygold muscles (they move the jaw side to side and/or forward)
C. Neck stiffness and pain – trapezius muscle (it stabilizes the skull during jaw clenching and grinding.

People who suffer migraine pain and chronic headache clench their jaws in a balanced, centered position. This causes extremely intense muscular contraction, but little strain on the jaw. Nighttime jaw clenching usually goes unnoticed-but it sets the stage for migraine pain and chronic headache pain.

The NTI-tss Tension Suppression System

The only FDA-approved dental appliance for preventing migraine headache pain. 

The NTI-tss is a small, nearly invisible, removable device the you will wear when you are asleep. You can also be fitted with a removable NTI-tss to wear all day long.

The NTI-tss is a custom fitted device that prevents the tooth surfaces from ever coming into intense contact. By preventing high intensity contact, you also eliminate high intensity clenching-and the muscular irritation that leads to migraine pain, TMJ and chronic headache.

Want proof?

If only the front teeth are engaged the temporalis is prevented from achieving it’s maximum contraction intensity, drastically reducing migraine episodes.

Put a wooden pencil between your upper and lower front teeth…and bite down. The muscles under your scalp contact only slightly, because intense contraction cannot occur.

82% of medically diagnosed migraine patient report 77% reduction in migraine episodes within the first 8 week of usage.