Lasers in Dentistry

Lasers have been used in Industry and Medicine for over 20 years. Their ability to cut with superior accuracy makes them invaluable in modern medicine. Laser Keratotomy has changed the way people see. Now this space-age technology is being used in dentistry. Laser Dentists are now using a combination of precise laser energy and water to safely remove decay and infection from their patients’ mouths. These dentists undergo special laser training and their experience with standard dental treatments is an important part of their skill with the laser.

The Laser works without the vibration and heat of the old dental drills so there is no cracking of the tooth structure (micro-fractures) that can lead to broken teeth and root canals. There is less sensitivity from overheating the tooth when the decay is removed. In most cases, numbing (Novocaine shots) isn’t necessary. Instead of the high-pitched whine of a drill, a gentle popping sound is heard. Children are not turned into “Dental Phobics” because they don’t feel any discomfort and needles are not used in most cases.

The laser sterilizes the tissue it is used on and that means less sensitivity and infections. It also creates a superior surface for bonding new materials to teeth. This means better restorations. Because the new dental laser is adjustable, the dentist can remove only decay and leave the healthy tooth and this means smaller fillings. Soft tissues can also be treated with the laser and this means faster healing and less discomfort.

Another laser is being used by Dr. Weisberg to find decay under chewing parts of the teeth without use of dental “explorers” (sharp picks). No more “tell me if you feel this”. This revolutionary laser shines a harmless red light into the tooth and measures the amount of “glow” (fluorescence) of decay under the enamel. This is digitally measured and tells the dentist where there is or isn’t decay. It is 90% accurate and the best dentists are 60% accurate with a sharp pick. It means that these dentists can find decay sooner and with the Water-Laser they can fix the tooth with smaller fillings.

A 3rd laser, the “Epic” Diode Laser is used by Dr. Weisberg to treat canker sores and cold sores. This treatment is painless and lasts 2-3 years.

Patients love the new lasers because they are gentle and quiet and dentists love them because their patients are happier with their dental visits.