Laser Periodontal Therapies

Lasers have reinvented periodontal surgery as we know it. Laser Periodontal Theraphy is less invasive, often achieve closed flap results depending on the case, less post procedural pain and inflammation. The laser has been approved for a myriad of dental treatments that formerly would have required drills, bits, and possibly a ratchet of some kind.

Here are some more fabulous uses for the awe-inspiring Laser Periodontal Therapies:

Cosmetic Reshaping of Gums -- The laser can actually adjust the gum line and improve your smile.

Gum Disease Treatment -- Removes diseased tissue and as an added benefit of gum reshaping, allows you better access to the gum for improved oral hygiene.

Reduction of Hyperplastic Tissue -- Patients who wear dental braces, or are taking certain medicines, are prone to the overgrowth of gum tissue.

Access to Gum-Covered Decay -- In elderly patients, the gums can grow over tooth decay.