Blog #4


Dr. Churoukin from France discovered a simple way of concentrating the various growth factors found in arterial blood. A small sample of 10 cc is withdrawn and placed in a centrifuge to separate out the red blood cells, the platelets and white blood cells and the plasma. The platelets and white blood cells contain the factors that cause blood vessel growth, connective tissue growth, bone formation and blood clotting. These are the building blocks of wound healing. The sterile technique creates faster healing in a wound such as a tooth extraction socket or a periodontal bone loss defect. By flattening out this concentrated healing material, we can create a perfect bandage over a wound and get faster circulation and fibrous collagen formation to speed the healing process. We can press it into a cylinder shape to close an extraction socket or we chop it into little pieces to mix with synthetic materials for faster bone formation and quicker implant placement when a tooth is lost.

Dr. Stephen Weisberg and his staff have used this technique multiple times for their patients’ benefit. The results are excellent and it is a holistic technique that uses the exact healing properties that your blood has. We separate it, concentrate it and shape it for use in the best way possible.