At Home Teeth Lightening

Tooth Lightening (bleaching)

At Home Bleaching and Laser Bleaching are both done in our office. A custom fitted soft tray is made for both methods. This tray is to apply ‘at-home’ bleaching gel and desensitizer medicaments. At-home bleaching usuall takes 2-4 weeks to achieve aceptable brightness of the teeth. We supply the bleaching gel and advise you during the at home bleaching.

Laser Bleaching is started in the office and after 1 hour in the dental chair you will see a lightening of 3-4 shades on the tooth-shade guide. This is followed up with a supplied medicament in the custom tray as you leave the office. The tray is then used for follow-up lightening and desensitizing medicaments at home. It can also be used for touch-up bleaching for years to come.